Ingredients for cheesecake. I want to use 2 flavours of cream cheese and 2 small containers of yogurt the flavours are strawberry and pineapple

  • Posted by: Anna
  • December 21, 2023


Nancy December 21, 2023
If your statement about 2 cheeses and 2 yogurts is your plan, what is the question about it?
Anna December 21, 2023
I have written about my dilemma in a previous post
Anna December 22, 2023
I wanted to know what else I needed and if it’s ok
Nancy December 22, 2023
Anna -

I would look at a standard cheesecake recipe from an author or a website you trust.

Most use cream cheese in their main part (usually with some egg, sugar and seasoning).

Some use sour cream as a topping added after cooking.

You could use your 2 cheeses and 2 yogurts in those places.

What does worry me a bit is having so many components that the fkavirs will be fighting one another.

If you are trying or needing to use up foods in hand, I would go ahead in the spirit of experimentation.

On the other hand, consider using one cheese and one yogurt.
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