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I want to make strawberry daiquiri cupcakes and I'm wondering how to do the frosting can I just buy cream cheese frosting or strawberry frosting which one in can I add strawberry daiquiri mix to that will it work when it tastes right please help ASAP for tonight

Valerie Moore
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1 Comment

ariel A. January 2, 2019
I think adding fresh flavoring to your favorite frosting recipe would be a great way to go! There are some good ones on here - I personally like Swiss Meringue buttercream because it's so light, but cream cheese frosting could be great too!

To make it strawberry daiquiri flavored, you could make a strawberry syrup like this one ( - I would swap the lemon with lime), letting it cool, and then mixing it into your frosting until you like how it tastes. You could even use strawberry jam instead! Add some lime zest and maybe a tiny splash of rum to make it even more daiquiri-like.
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