anyone else used the steam from their cappuccino milk steamer to cook egg? It is inspired!



seabirdskitchen May 11, 2011
Lol @syronai. I quit drinking coffee for a while, so had to do something with the machine.
beyondcelery May 11, 2011
I never considered having a steam wand just for cooking eggs! I suppose that's the one-track drawback of working for a coffee company. Great idea.
Slow C. May 11, 2011
Please, some before and after shots!
seabirdskitchen May 10, 2011
It works surprisingly well. Here's a link.
boulangere May 10, 2011
Sounds wonderful. I'd not thought of this, and am anxious for the "science experiment" factor.
seabirdskitchen May 10, 2011
Its the only thing I use the steam wand for, so i am not terribly worried. I love the shapes and the resulting elegance depending on the vessel you cook the eggs in.
beyondcelery May 10, 2011
I don't want to rain on the parade, but this is really bad for the steam wand. Egg gets caked up inside the wand and will eventually clog it and cause other problems. If you choose to use your steam wand like this, I highly recommend cleaning it very well after each time, as well as soaking it in hot water with purocaffe. That will help keep problems from forming.
Amanda H. May 10, 2011
Yes, I have. Here's my recipe:
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