I love, love, love this recipe. Want to incorporate it into an appetizer. Any ideas?

  • Posted by: SKK
  • May 11, 2011
Red Pepper Jam!
Recipe question for: Red Pepper Jam!


aargersi May 11, 2011
I plan to make a batch and serve it on our Memoril Day table - we are grilling up burgers and dogs and there will be loads of other stuff so folks can pile it on whatever they like! I will also be putting out AntoniaJames' green tomato chutney as well!
ALittleZaftig May 11, 2011
Maybe smear it on little corn cakes or on a wedge of farmer cheese or on a sweet and simple British-style oatcake...
Thanks SKK! This is a new recipe for me, so I'll be interested in seeing all ideas too! Some initial ideas are, for a hearty app youcan do lamb sliders. My other ideas are around crostini: putting the jam on crustini and topping with feta cheese crumbles or mixing with roasted eggplant for a crostini spread or dip, also love Preta75's cheese tart idea above.
Preta75 May 11, 2011
I went to dinner at a friends and had it on the side of a Spanish Jamon Croquette. I have paired it with a cheese platter and one of my favorites is making mini cheddar tarts and filling the bottom with the jam and baking the tarts filled with the jam. Sometimes I add some goat cheese and the jam on top and bake like that. They are a yummy pop in your mouth. Not sure if that helps but its great to find out different ways to incorporate Red Pepper Jelly.
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