So I weigh the whey?

Ricotta Whey and Barley Bread
Recipe question for: Ricotta Whey and Barley Bread


hardlikearmour May 12, 2011 two are cracking me up! What a lovely pair of sisters you are.
SallyCan May 12, 2011
Thanks; it helps to weigh the options ;)
AntoniaJames May 12, 2011
If you can find a way to do so, yes, that's the way to proceed. I've found it way easier just to put the bowl on the scale and tip the ingredients in . . . no measuring cups, no scooping and sweeping, etc. I know a lot of people are more comfortable doing it the old fashioned way; for things like pancakes/waffles/banana bread that I could make in my sleep, and that have always worked just fine using measuring cups, I still do it that way. But my very favorite way of measuring whey is to weigh it. ;o)
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