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added about 6 years ago

Do you have any plain sewing thread? I would take about 4 lengths of thread, twist them together and use that instead. Also, depending on what you're tying up, you could twist a strip of aluminum foil tightly into a thin strip and use that. Even cutting a strip of an old, clean rag would work better than mint flavored dental floss.....good luck!

B0f2c3df 9bf7 43fc 8544 eb75ba85a60e  kay at lake
added about 6 years ago

I'd think you could take the dental floss, soak it in hot water for a few minutes, and get rid of the mint taste/smell. Worth a try.

79ca7fa3 11e3 4829 beae d200649eab49  walken the walk

pierino is a trusted source on General Cooking and Tough Love.

added about 6 years ago

I'm sorry but none of this will work. Kitchen twine needs to be pretty sturdy. Remember you are going to have to snip it out later. Go buy some kite string at the convenience store.

22b9ddc9 fc61 48a3 949e dee341974288  liz and dad
added about 6 years ago

Is this for trussing a chicken? Do you have a clean unused white cotton shoelace maybe? That would be better than mint floss, which will tear into the skin and meat, and possibly make your chicken minty, which may not be a bad thing if you're serving those minty peas up there with it. If you use a shoelace, be sure to cut off the plastic thingies on the ends, called aglets (I just learned that's what they're called!) You learn something new on foodpickle everyday, I'm telling you. :)

White or undyed needlepoint thread might work too, if it's cotton.

P.S. Plain floss is great for cutting slices from a chilled goat cheese log....

Cfdd183b f2d3 436f abf5 4a8285003ba1  monica
added about 6 years ago

I've used dental floss before. It gets slippery and so it's harder to handle than kitchen twine. Even the mint flavored one didn't stain or flavor my chicken. But be sure it's not made of something that will melt.

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Kari Johnson

Kari is the manager of Whisk, a kitchenware store in Brooklyn.

added about 6 years ago

I've used a thick rubber band, in a pinch, and it worked out well. I didn't notice a taste, and it didn't melt. I'm not sure of how HEALTHY this was, but, hey, it worked and i'm still here!

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added about 6 years ago

If you don't need very much of it, you could strip the paper or plastic covering from twisty ties! I have a ton of them in my kitchen so I always need uses...

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