Looking for a good recipe for yellow cake with dark chocolate frosting for my son's birthday. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Heather Bklyn


ATG117 May 23, 2011
i recently made the yellow cake from smitten kitchen with chocolate frosting from cooks illustrated, the latter of which you can find on google. I actually wasn't thrilled with the cake, though I love the smittenkitchen site. The cake was a bit dry for my taste, and it didn't bake evenly. Definitely fine, but I will go for something with more egg yolks and perhaps a mixture of butter and oil next time. As for the CI frosting, it was delicious: deep and dark from the semi-sweet chocolate and dutch processed cocoa. If you want something on the ganache side, go for it. I, however, decided that, the next time I make a yellow cake, I'll frost with a less ganache-like chocolate buttercream. Moral of the story: I'd like to try something a bit different, but everyone loved this combo. It looked perfect too.
cocktailhour May 22, 2011
I have not made the cake on this site, but indo love the frosting with cook's illustrated's yellow cake with chocolate frosting. The cake is fine, but the frosting is superb. Very chocolatey.
Kristen M. May 22, 2011
Yes! This recipe is meant for grown-ups, but kids would love it too (as long as you don't mind sneaking a little wine into the cake batter -- the alcohol cooks out): http://www.food52.com/recipes/6857_grownup_birthday_cake
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