I tried blooming my agar agar flakes in room temperature vinegar, yet it did not bloom well nor did it disolve fully when I heated it up.



Anitalectric May 27, 2011
Acid in the vinegar may be messing up your results. Also, cooking vinegar will change the flavor of vinegar unfavorably, no? Why not use Irish moss or thickener that activates at lower temp?
Sam1148 May 26, 2011
This might be a good online resource.

brandon May 26, 2011
no i was making a gel out of the vinegar, thats why i bloomed it in there. microwave sounds like a good option too
Panfusine May 26, 2011
and I've never had to resort to vinegar or any acidic medium ever... just agar added to water and boiled away, it takes some time.. (The agar used for gels in a lab are microwaved, so that may work as well for the food grade variety)
Panfusine May 26, 2011
The water & agar have to be brought to a rolling boil before it dissolves completely..
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