could i cheat and make ricotta pancakes without separating the eggs. any ideas? recipes?



melissav May 31, 2011
Totally agree. I never separate the eggs and nobody has ever complained about my pancakes (at least not to my face)!
boulangere May 30, 2011
That *not* should have been *now*. The years of consuming pancakes made with whole eggs did not ruin their intellects.
boulangere May 27, 2011
Here's my guilty secret: I've been making unseparated egg pancakes for as long as I've been making pancakes. They're still the favorite breakfast for dinner of both my son & daughter, who survived the experience and are not in college. In fact, if anyone suggested to them that they should separate their eggs, I'm not really sure how they would respond, but it wouldn't be to agree immediately.

Now, that said in the light of day, will yours and mine be as fluffy as if we had separately whipped our egg whites? No. But will they be good in their own way? Of course.

Happy pancaking!
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