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OK, another question ... I made this for a cookout party this weekend and it was delicious! Only sort-of complaint was that it was very, very rich ("literally tastes like butter" was one comment). I am absolutely going to make it again for future guests/parties, but do you have a suggestion for lightening it up a bit? Thanks!

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Old Bay Aioli
Recipe question for: Old Bay Aioli


petite C. May 31, 2011
What should I look for in a canola oil? I'm not used to using it but trying to find a good, lighter replacement for olive oil anyway (I'm Italian - I use olive oil for everything!). This time I just used my supermarket store brand. Thanks to both of you!
Amanda H. May 30, 2011
I was going to make exactly the same suggestion as Kitchen Butterfly -- water or acid. You might want to look for another canola oil brand. Wondering if that had anything to do with it -- because, and I meant to mention this in the post, another reason I use canola instead of all-olive-oil is to lighten it up!
Kitchen B. May 30, 2011
Having never used canola oil before, and having made a version of this aioli with grapeseed oil, I would tend to think....it might have been the canola!

To lighten up, I'd suggest water, or a touch more vinegar/lemon juice- the acid would cut through the fat, 'degreasing' the flavour as it were. My 2 cents
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