what could I add to courgette for inside my canneloni? Meat and non meat option. Cheers



nogaga June 1, 2011
Another option, meatless but delicious, would be to go in the direction of ratatouille, pairing your courgettes uup with small cubes of eggplant, pepper and onion. I'd also add thyme and oregano, as pierino suggested.

For something more sublime, you can add pieces of shrimp to the ratatouille filling, though chorizo is also a good one.

Hope it turns out well!
pierino June 1, 2011
Agree with Panfusine on ricotta, that would be my own first suggestion. Oregano and thyme are also good courgette[zucchini] herbs. For meat, sweet pork sausage.
Panfusine June 1, 2011
ricotta, or even fresh paneer cheese would go well..Courgettes pair well with Fennel & Nigella seeds, so adding some of those spices in really hot oil before sauteeing the courgettes along with some scallions, may be an option..
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