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I would love to make Fairmount_market's baked beans recipe, but molasses is impossible to find in Denmark! Is it possible to substitute the molasses with maple syrup (known as 'Acorn Syrup' in Denmark)?

Best Boston Baked Beans
Recipe question for: Best Boston Baked Beans


sarah K. June 7, 2011
I've made this recipe several times (we love them sooo much), and I think the small amount of molasses lends an earthy note without the sweetness of maple syrup, but I think the same amount of maple syrup could hardly fail to make an equally interesting pot o' beans, especially if you can get your hands on darker maple syrup (grade B dark amber, since grade A is more refined and not as maple-y).

Also, fyi, I sometimes make them without bacon, but with a ham bone instead. I fry the onions in bacon grease first, then add all the stuff with one or two ham bones that still have a fair amount of ham on them, and when it's all done, remove the bones, let cool a few minutes, pick off as much ham as possible and toss that back in with the beans. The recipe makes enough for us to have for dinner, breakfast, and, for the lucky ones, lunch the next day. Then they're gone!
Fairmount_market June 7, 2011
Yes I think maple syrup would be a fine substitute for molasses in this recipe. Enjoy!
Helen's A. June 7, 2011
There is great debate in New England regarding molassas vs maple syrup in baked beans. People have very strong opinions on the matter! I always make mine with molassas, but the maple syrup version is delicious. Give it a try! Are you able to find dark brown sugar? You could add some in as well.
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