Not really a pickle, just a question about wildcards.

I'm curious to know when/if wildcards will be back? They're one of my favorite things, since they are a complete surprise and often a hidden gem.



Food52 June 16, 2011
Hi everyone -- please help us out by sending any questions or concerns about food52 to [email protected], instead of posting them here. We designed foodpickle as a place for questions about food and cooking to be answered quickly -- but lately, we've seen it veer off course with conversations about food52's inner workings. This is confusing to new visitors and, worst of all, some urgent pickles have been buried before they can get an answer -- that's no good! Thanks for understanding and for helping us keep foodpickle doing what it does best.
Merrill S. June 15, 2011
Good question. We'll probably throw in a few between now and September -- always trying to keep you guys on your toes!
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