How long after opening the package is the sliced prosciutto OK to eat? A week? Indefinitely?

  • Posted by: askann
  • June 15, 2011


innoabrd June 15, 2011
the biggest issue with sliced is drying out. I buy whole or half hams and keep them in the fridge, wrapped in a clean dishcloth. Takes me about 4 months to work my way through one. its cured meat, I've had two-year old prosciutto that's gorgeous!
boulangere June 15, 2011
Nothing lasts forever. It'll start to dry out, as Sam says, since refrigeration is a naturally dehydrating environment. And then it starts to take on that *refrigerator* taste. Use, freeze, or toss.
Sam1148 June 15, 2011
Pretty much until they start to dry out...after they're cut and sliced that happens pretty quickly. You can wrap them and store to extend that time.

Humm...remember the old chipped beef "mom" or Army recipe S((t on a shingle.

Class that up for breakfast this weekend. Chopped prosciutto, a sauteed leek chopped. A bit of oil..cook until the leek is cooked and stir in some cream and flour to thicken. Top with fresh ground pepper and serve on toasted english muffins or toast.
boulangere June 15, 2011
How big a package? Is it enough that you can parcel out some to use and some to freeze? The general rule is 7 days after opening, so if you can't use it within that time, freeze. And lucky you!
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