Wok in the oven? Assuming there are no wooden handles, can you place a wok in the oven for 300-500º heat? Any particular metal type I should look for? Can I get away with a cheapie wok?



Legally D. October 8, 2010
Most good woks are designed to withstand major heat, hotter than most of us with regular old stove-tops can generate. I don't think even 500 degrees would damage a well-made wok. (I could be wrong; if so, sorry!) No wood, no non-stick surface, or the heat will damage it. If it has a rounded bottom, you can crumple up foil to make a "bed" for it so it will sit upright and avoid the "ring thingy."
anyone October 7, 2010
I avoid the one with the wood front handle doesn't allow for jumping, tossing or flipping the food in the pan (it gets in the way). I use the one that the restaurant supply stores carry. Fairly inexpensive.
NakedBeet October 7, 2010
No more than 2 hours? Don't remember the recipe, but I smoked a whole duck before in my dutch oven (over the stovetop, though) and I didn't like what happened to that. I have no more kitchen space and used what I had instead of getting a wok! I think I'll get a cheapie one, then.
aargersi October 7, 2010
What about the rounded bottom though? Buy a cheapie with a flat bottom so you don't have to worry about the ring thingy. And yeah - what'reya up to???
AntoniaJames October 7, 2010
How long do you plan to put it in? Part of me says, sure, buy a cheapie wok because if you ruin it, you won't have lost much. Now, I'm really interested in what you end up doing, and how it turns out!! ;o)
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