Can I make Tarte Tatin a day ahead and heat it in the oven before serving?



Incognito December 31, 2014
I learned to make Tarte Tatin at cooking school in Paris in 1974 and it has undoubtedly been the most popular dessert in my repertoire. Prepared with tart pastry (rather than puff pastry) and served with vanilla creme anglaise, it was definitely considered an a la minute recipe and I think it is best that way. There is no denying that it is stressful to have the dessert baking in the oven while one is enjoying the first and second courses of one's meal. The worst part of all is having to rush back to the kitchen and turn the tarte upside down on a serving platter without burning ones wrists or spilling the whole thing on the kitchen floor! So I do empathize with your desire to make it in advance. But it won't be as good. You can make the tart pastry several days in advance. You can also cook the apples earlier on the day you plan to serve it and let them rest in the skillet until you are ready to put the crust on and bake the tarte. I have never cooked the apples several days in advance, but you might try that and put the crust on just before baking. You would have to refrigerate them in the pan, though, and be sure to bring everything to room temperature before baking. These are just a few thoughts, but do try it with the creme anglaise. Much better than whipped cream or even ice cream.
KitchenKim December 25, 2014
Thank you ChezHenry. I haven't prepared the tarte yet and I will also consider your advice as well. Have a happy holiday:-)
ChezHenry December 25, 2014
Sorry, I have to disagree here. The puff pastry, cooked and the apples freshly baked and carmelized, make this an a la minute recipe imho. Go for an apple pie if you need to make this a day ahead.
Pegeen December 25, 2014
But it's not puff pastry... a tarte tatin is tart crust with shortening, which keeps fine overnight, yes?
Susan W. December 25, 2014
I agree with Pegeen. While some restaurants may make it with puff pastry, that is not how it's classically made. It reheats beautifully.
ChezHenry December 28, 2014
9 out of 10 recipes call for puff pastry, and puff pastry does not hold well, its best eaten freshly baked. Ive never seen a french recipe call for shortening either...I have made it with a "short crust" but its still butter, and that will hold up better than puff pastry.
Pegeen December 24, 2014
Yes, just wrap it tightly in plastic wrap and then in foil. Keep it in the fridge or a cold garage, and allow it to come to room temp before putting it back in the oven to re-warm. If you plan on putting whipped cream or creme fraiche on top, save the toppings until after the dish comes out of the oven and right before serving. Yum!
KitchenKim December 24, 2014
Thank you so much! I will take your advice:-)
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