Pink Shrimp from Argentina - How do they compare?

My local market has what they are calling Argentinian Pink Shrimp. The shell appears to be thicker than Key West Pink Shrimp. Anyone ever eaten this type of shrimp? If yes, how does the taste and texture compare?

  • Posted by: CaryNC
  • June 22, 2011


Stephanie L. June 6, 2020
These shrimp have a harder shell and were perfection. They were like lobster. We bought them at Kroger in the frozen section (even a private selection brand) but they will be our go to every time. So long meat case.... we're picking Argentina Pink 😋 yummy
John L. November 3, 2019
Bought these at Publix today. They looked pink but not as pretty as Key West. I thought I’d give them a shot anyway. First off on the boil they were extremely fishy smelling. They peel ok. They taste bland. They have a mush mouth feel compared to a Key West pink which are generally crisp on the bite. I will not buy them again.
Larry A. August 29, 2019
It seems like the shrimp are on the avoid list because of the by catch when they are caught. I must say when I cook them they are always firm and with flavor. This article should interest you. Let me know what you think about it. Thanks.
Ls40095 August 12, 2019
Some of you must not have a pallet because this is crap shrimp. Soft and mushy like a scallop with no flavor and a fishy smell. Cheap garbage
Gloria December 23, 2018
I didn't like them
Devonian August 25, 2018
Their texture is similar to sea scallop$ & Alaskan sea Crabs
Lorraine B. July 6, 2018
Just had these delectable shrimp from my local Kroger at $8.99 lb. RUN GET SOME if you can, they were yummy!
collsturn September 9, 2019
I agree. These shrimp were delicious! I put them in boiling water, brought to a second boil, and dipped in butter! I am going to Kroger to get more!
Shrinkrap April 13, 2018
Bought thses today from a local market with a very good reputation. THEN I came online to check them out. Found this, which is recent, and references "wild -caught", which is what my market advertised.
Marya G. March 22, 2018
I believe I have an answer for the differing opinions of this product. I was perplexed when I read this feed and wondered if palates were really so different. The vast majority believes, as I do, that this is an exceptionally delicious shrimp, but a small contingency began posting less than two years ago and consider it an inferior product.
I was getting cod at a Fred Meyer fish counter and asked the clerk if they ever stocked Argentine shrimp. He was not familiar with it so I said it was pink when raw, and he led me to some shrimp and told me it was Patagonian. I said it's Argentine shrimp. His response was unexpected. He brought out the original packaging and said this was from India.

When I told him that was impossible, as there are no cold water shrimp in tropical India, he insisted it was, indeed, the real thing. I wonder how many bogus, off tasting shrimp are being passed off as the superior product. I have no doubt that Kuei is correct about it being also brought in from China. So, buyer beware. Ask to see the original packaging. I stick with the unpeeled 2 lb original pack from Aquastar.
LYN January 12, 2018
Publix has them right now - January - for a few weeks only while they are in season. Each year I eagerly await their arrival -- yum!
Samuel J. December 26, 2017
They have a strong fishy smell. They look bloomed and they taste very good.
Laurie December 18, 2017
Love. Thats all we buy now.So much more flavor!
Laurie A. December 6, 2017
Sam's Club carries these, that's where I first saw them, I'm definitely going to give them a try, they sound amazing!
Dave V. November 8, 2017
I bought these a few times, they seem good value ($8.50 USD or $10.60 C$ a pound) and in my market Toronto Canada most shrimp come from Asia or India and I will not buy seafood from these countries. American or Gulf coast shrimp are fine but extremely rare in our shops. Northern shrimp are very tasty but popcorn size and you really can't make a fare comparison.

I note of concern

"Argentine red shrimp caught in Argentina’s Southwest Atlantic Ocean by the industrial bottom trawl freezer fleet is on the “Avoid” list. The high amount of bycatch is a serious concern in this fishery, and it includes several at-risk species. Also, it’s unknown if a bycatch reduction device aimed at minimizing the catch of juvenile hake also reduces bycatch of other species. This fleet generally freezes shrimp at sea."

This is likely the reason that Whole foods does not sell them.

I plan to eat them tonight chopped in rue over pasta.
Cynthia V. October 13, 2017
Someone keeps insisting these are not real shrimp. THAT is a fake answer and it is also a fake response that the company that sells the shrimp is posting. I posted response that I got from the company. I don't have anything to do with the company other than buy its shrimp. Don't let the fake posting/poster deter you from enjoying this wonderful shrimp. It isn't fake shrimp, but the poster who says it is fake, is a FAKER.
kuei October 13, 2017
What is to gain by claiming they are fake if they are not? On the other hand, there is a great deal to gain by claiming they are not fake if they really are. Face it. They do not taste, look, feel or smell like real shrimp. Decide for your own risk.
Cynthia V. October 12, 2017
I went to AquaStar to get a first hand answer about the shrimp because someone posted that these are not real shrimp. Here's their answer
Thanks for reaching out. The wild pink Patagonian shrimp are one of, if not the best shrimp items on the market. These are wild caught shrimp (Pleoticus muelleri), not farmed. Not to mention the only shrimp that I will eat now, because they are THAT good! They truly spoiled me for all other shrimp since nothing else compares. Below are some of the attributes:

-Wild caught in the icy cold pristine waters of the
southern Atlantic Ocean in Patagonia, Argentina
-The pure waters and nutrient rich ecosystem result
in the shrimp’s bright red color, sweet flavor and
tender texture
- Free of artificial colors and flavors

There is a lot of information out there are Pink shrimp so it appears that perhaps someone that posted about it being “fake Shrimp” could be posting “fake news”.

Thanks and have a great day
Monica Ward
CSR/Sales Support
Aqua Star

This answers the question for me. I love these shrimp. They defrost in only a couple of minutes, remove the shells and cook them all sorts of recipes, or put them in boiling water for about 90 seconds and you have the freshest and sweetest shrimp you can buy outside of right off the dock in South Carolina. Real shrimp, not fake anything, and not "injected or dyed" in any way.
kuei October 12, 2017
Unfortunately, people that are marketing these fake, nasty shrimp are posting on this forum, as you see above. Don't let them mislead you. I am not buying it, and neither are my dogs. They won't eat them either.
halfadime7 October 14, 2017
I can't seem to get to the right web page to place an order for their shrimp. I've sent them a message and will hope to get a reply soon. So far I've have zero success in purchasing these shrimp from any source.
Dawn December 23, 2018
I use them in my low country shrimp boil. My family likes them.
Craig B. February 3, 2020
We buy this and eat them all the time. Never a bad shrimp. In some of the original comments there were references to key shrimp. I will not purchase shrimp from the gulf after the oil disaster. These have been a great alternative.
KarenNicholson February 24, 2022
These shrimp are very good. I will only buy these from now on. I'm older and I know food. These are very tasty and tender. You should not mislead people.
halfadime7 October 10, 2017
Thanks Kuei. I thought they were too good to be true. The stuff we get from China and Indonesia is appalling junk and no one should be eating them. Interesting about the pink dye. I thought it may be dye, but not certain.
halfadime7 October 8, 2017
We purchased these today at the Piggly Wiggly in Tallahassee. 2 lbs for $15.00. Great price for 16-20 shrimp. They looked wonderfully pink and perfect in their frozen state. They cooked up just great in a shrimp stew recipe we followed and were delicious. I did get red/pink stains on my fingernails from peeling them and they left a red stain in the plastic bowl I used to thaw them out. I'm trying to find out if they are truly from Argentina, or not. I don't like to buy seafood products from China, Indonesia or that area due to their use of slaves and very dubious practices. If anyone knows anything about that, please let me know. Thank you
kuei October 10, 2017
News flash! Real shrimp do NOT stain your fingers. Food coloring does. No, they are not from Argentina. They are from a fake shrimp factory/lab in China. They do not look like real shrimp, they do not taste like real shrimp, they do not feel like real shrimp and they do not smell like real shrimp. What does that tell you? Not real shrimp. Brought to you by the same people that brought you fake baby formula and fake eggs. By the paid waaaaayyyy too much.
Eat at your own risk.
Kiki M. June 6, 2019
I bought Icy Ocean, wild caught Argentine red shrimp. On back of bag it says...

Product of Argentina
Processed in SPAIN.

I will try tonight!
Cynthia V. August 18, 2017
Also, older comments say this shrimp is not "sustainable" and I checked that out, but that isn't what I see on the link to the "sustainable seafood" site. so this is a winner.
Cynthia V. August 18, 2017
Just bought these today in my local Safeway. east to quickly defrost in a little water, after 5 minutes took off shells etc dried and then made the best "fried" shrimp ever with simple home recipe. Apparently these just appeared recently 2017 in the store and they are as good if not better than the south carolina shrimp that I;ve been buying from Whole Foods. Excellent product.
Michele April 26, 2017
Argentinian shrimp made an appearance at the fish department at my supermarket recently and the fish lady recommended them.....and raved and raved about them. So I bought them, curious to find out what was so great - and they were delicious. I lightly sautéed in garlic and olive oil and they had such a wonderful flavor. Different from the gulf shrimp I usually buy, they are a little sweeter, but I didn't really notice the texture to be different. They were a great find!
Terrie C. April 25, 2017
OMG< i's fantastic! I hate anything lse now. It's sweet, and the texture is excellent.
Jaqueline April 5, 2017
This shrimp is not sustainable according to Seafood Watch.
It's is on the "avoid" list.
Susan B. December 31, 2017
SEAfood Watch deals with how the catch affects the environment when other catch is incidental, for example, and is an endangered fish
Wanda H. February 2, 2017
I tried this shrimp and had to go back the next day. After the third day I decided to buy the regular shrimp. I could not eat them compared to the Argentine's. The flavor and texture is between the shrimp and the lobster. I pan grilled for a few minutes on each side. Did not shrimp or curl up. I love this shrimp.
Jim M. January 6, 2017
I normally boil them for not much longer than 3 minutes to make Prawn cocktails. I find there is a difference compared to Gulf Coast Prawns due to the texture of the Pink Shrimp being much more chewy. I am not over cooking them, I have done side by side comparisons, Argentina pink prawns don't hold a candle to Gulf prawns, there is an odd chewy texture which concerns me. I am hoping they are not being injected with Gel as they do with the prawns in China. Google it, you will never by another farm raised shrimp from China again.
I am not saying for sure the Patagonia Pinks are injected with gel just speculating about the strange texture which concerns me .
kuei February 2, 2017
I agree. These are quite nauseating. I have seen these in different markets. Each time I see them in a different market, they have a different country of origin as their name...Patagonia, Argentina, ETC. I believe these are just fake, Chinese shrimp. The store where I first bought them has stopped selling them.
A person just posted that when they cook them, they do not curl up like regular shrimp. That should alarm you that these probably do have some sort of GEL additive, as you suggest, or they are entirely fake. Personally, I believe they are completely fake. Even lobster tail curl when you cook them.
CL B. October 2, 2016
We buy these shrimp from Lowes Foods in South Carolina and prefer them over local South Carolina Shrimp. They have a much smaller "mud vein" and do taste more like Lobster. My concern is the research that I have done online. Do they actually come from Argentina ( with their beef focus ) or are they actually just called Argentina Pink shrimp but are from China. Everything I am finding says China. If so, are they injected with CMC like the tiger prawns from Vietnam. The CMC is a gelatinous material that is made in China and shipped to Vietnam. It is injected in the tail, head and body of the shrimp to increase weight and make the shrimp appear fresher. I am looking to see if we are being duped by suppliers and that is what we are eating. My biologist son tells me that it is the case. I would love for him to be wrong, as we love these shrimp and certainly do not want to be ingesting an unknown material such as "CMC". A very scary thought.
Jim M. January 6, 2017
Your "mud vein" is actually digestive waste or did you already know that?
Yes, they are from Patagonia, Argentina. I was wondering about the CMC as well because they have a strange texture, no nearly as good as Gulf Prawns.
Has your biologist son come to a conclusion regarding the CMC? I too posted the Gel in my reply before reading yours. certainly would like to know and interested in how your son knows this is the case? I will stop eating them if that is true.
Additionally, they call CMC a gel, do we know what CMC is?
Looking forward to your answer.
Thank you,
Susan B. December 31, 2017
I have read that the Chinese love the Argentine shrimp and are importing it for consumption. This might be why people are assuming they are exporting shrimp and claiming that they are Argentine. They are conflating the info erroneously. I hope.
Lauren B. July 12, 2016
Nothing compares to the Argentina Shrimp. They are the best tasting and biggest shrimp Ive ever eaten. My friends and I have all agreed that they taste a bit like Lobster. I can never get enough of them. Check them out at Harris Teeter. Cost is $6.99-$9.99---
kuei April 29, 2016
I just bought these Argentina 21/25 count shrimp today and tried them. Not impressed. They have a strange flavor. Not what you would expect from shrimp. Not the typical salt taste and kind of mushy. They also look strange. Nowhere near as tasty as Gulf coast shrimp. These were only $5/pound. I did not season these. Next time I will, or just add them to salads or something. I'll have to think of something. I bought 10 pounds.
Erin V. April 29, 2016
I bought a lb at safeway today for $5. They were previously frozen and raw (though this shrimp looks cooked when you buy it). I like the taste and the texture is softer then regular shrimp. Just makes them a bit different. If you don't like them just for cocktail or fried etc.....use them with regular shrimp to make a shrimp salad, or some kind of dip. Then there is always soup and chowder. I have bought this in a bigger size for considerably more money per lb. The bigger ones are more "shrimpy" and maybe more what you were expecting.
patagonianseafood March 27, 2016
www, the red argentinian shrimp are wild caugth, sustentainable no thawing needed m cook frozen. Preparation method: place frozen shrimp in a pot of boiling water for about 75 to 9- seconds ( max.) season or sautee with salt, olive oil, lemon juice chopped ginger, garlic, jalapenos and grated lemon peel. and tha's all folks.
Margaret December 26, 2015
Absolutely the best shrimp I've ever eaten! We had a surf & turf Christmas this year and wanted good-sized shrimp to go with the beef tenderloin I bought. Our local seafood shop recommended what they called "Argentinian lobster shrimp" and swore the were as sweet as lobster. They were big (U-15) and cost $25 from the local shop where I got them (might be cheaper at Harris Teeter or a chain store). Their shells are thicker than standard shrimp and there was a slimy, very unappealing red substance under the shell by the vein. I removed both the vein and the red stuff. The directions said to boil with seasonings for 2 minutes; I was very skeptical that these large shrimp would cook in only 2 minutes but I'm glad I followed the directions! They were perfectly cooked and, as promised, were sweet as lobster! I normally like to eat my shrimp with cocktail sauce found out that plain melted butter was the best way to go. I, too, noticed that my water, fingers and napkins turned pink from the shrimp. I thought it was odd but, boy, they were delicious!
Karla S. April 30, 2015
Yes, I love them from Trader Joes! I keep it simple when I cook them because they are so sweet and delicious! I toss them with olive oil and garlic on top of rice noodles and a veggies like broccoli in the dish or edamame with coconut soy sauce on the side (all gluten free)
Karla S. April 30, 2015
Yes, I love them from Trader Joes! I keep it simple when I cook them because they are so sweet and delicious! I toss them with olive oil and garlic on top of rice noodles and a veggies like broccoli in the dish or edamame with coconut soy sauce on the side (all gluten free)
Patricia S. February 1, 2015
I've choose these Argentinian shrimp because they are grown and harvested in cleaner waters than most of the shrimp that are offered here in the northeastern US. I buy them frozen from a local Italian deli. The shrimp are very large, but I have no trouble removing the shells. They are pink and do have a pungent odor, even when frozen. They are marvelous to serve as shrimp cocktail, as well a shrimp scampi.
Frances Q. August 7, 2014
I am so happy that I read all the comments about Pink Shrimp from Argentina. About a month ago one of my local markets had them on sale for 6.99 a pound in two pound bags. I bought 2 bags and put them in my basement freezer because I had Key West shrimp in the freezer upstairs. After reading all the comments, I am eagerly looking forward to eating the Pink Shrimp. Thank all of you.
CaryNC May 6, 2014
I've been tempted to eat the pink "roe" you find when you devein them, but I'm not sure that's it truly a roe. Perhaps its the traditional digestive track but not black due to their diet. I can often find them on sale at Harris Teeter here in NC for $7.99 a pound. I like them but I must say I think Key West or fresh NC shrimp are the best flavor and texture.
Patricia S. February 1, 2015
The deveining does produce the black from the digestive track, not roe. In PA I pay $10 per pound.
Dbl2Dbl May 5, 2014
These shrimp are excellent, we're having them for a second time tonight and just tried them yesterday. The taste is a little different then regular shrimp, their texture is completely different, not as chewy as regular shrimp. When I cleaned them I wore some gloves and there were some pink staining of the gloves, not sure why. When you remove the shells there is a pronounced coloration like a tiger prawn, like pink or red stripes. One other thing, there appears to be a "row" of sorts inside the shrimp, it's orangish in color and we removed that when cleaning. Reminded me of the orange coral you sometimes find in Maine Lobsters, though some consider it a delicacy we prefer not to indulge. I would compare the cleaned meat to rock shrimp if you ever had that. I love these things, we will definitely be buying more.
bsecr8t2000 July 21, 2012
I get mines from Harris Teeter. They cost about 12.99 a pound. Everytime I go there the shrimp are available.
GIOVANNI50 March 26, 2012
The pink color is due to iodine on the shell from the krill and other items.
PHENNAH March 26, 2012
We also get these at Harris Teeter here in Virginia. We had them tonight baked with butter and black pepper and Old Bay seasoning. Scrumptious! They are sweet, rather lobster-like and very tender. We eat the above mentioned pink gunk with no issues. I am thinking that their pinkness might be wholesome as they may have astaxanthin in them, perhaps from eating krill????? Anyway they're wonderful and not farmed (yet) so get them when you see them. To bake them: Preheat oven to 425, melt a stick of butter in a 13 x 9 pan. Put about 2 Tbsp. black pepper and Old Bay seasoning (to taste) in the butter and mix it around. Add the shrimp and stir to coat on all sides. Bake for about 15 minutes or so or until done. The ones we get are usually extra large so they take a bit longer. This is a great, easy recipe. Put newspaper on the table and eat them right out of the pan. Get a cold beer as that goes well with them. Enjoy!
CaryNC February 20, 2012
Yes I purchased these from Harris Teeter. The shell is bright pink when raw and there is often dark pink "gunky stuff" along with the vein (not sure if it's edible so I discard). I gently cook these in butter or split in half lengthwise and broil for 3-4 mins. The meat is super sweet and tender. To me it compares to lobster but sweeter. Deedogg for some reason the rinse water does turn pink - I think it's just their natural coloring not a dye. They are a deep water shrimp thus the thick shell.
Deedogg February 18, 2012
I also purchased my shrimp from Harris Teeter. My question is why did the water turn pink when I rinsed them....they're supposed to be wild, thus not dyed like some farm raised salmon. I don't think they taste like lobster at all. I grilled mine on the Foreman grill. I am going to try them next in brown rice, Asian style.
lisa July 16, 2014
Your water turned pink because your shrimp were actually fresh. There is no dye added. I live in South Carolina. I get shrimp right off the boats when they come in. When i steam or sautee my shrimp the water is pink. I add some cream, garlic. White wine and salt n pepper and a tad of flour and make a great rue out of that great shrimp water and piur it over pasta. That pink water is what you want. Argetine shrimp are just. FAB tooo

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JIMTHECOOK December 30, 2011
In my expirence, the Key West Pink is an excellent warm water shrimp. I will have the characteristic red spot on the side of the shell, the "hopper spot". The Argentine Pink is also an excellent shrimp but that is where they depart. the Argentine Pink is completely different in taste, texture and applications.

They are cold water wild shrimp caught of the Southern cvoast of Argentina. They are thin shelled and very delicate. Similar in texture to a cold water Norweigan shrimp but much bigger. The predominate size is a 16/20 count with good availability of U/15's, 21/25's and smaller.

The trick with this shrimp is in how they are prepared. They cook very fast. They are excvellent saute'd or boilled. Do not steam them, it is too hard to control the cooking time. They are fully cooked when the flesh turns from translucent to opaque. If you over cook them, the'll shrink and become chewy.
BKB525 February 7, 2012
Yes, you are completely correct. Very few grovery stores carry them. Harris Teeter in the southesat carries the 16/20's.
Sam1148 August 12, 2011
I haven't tried those. But look into "rock shrimp" from the east coast of Florida--which might be similar to the key west shrimp you mention.

Very thick shell, and almost lobster like in taste. It's rare to find them with shell-on frozen because the shell is very thick and difficult to remove.
thespicegirl August 12, 2011
Wow! I'm curious to try and will definitely be on the lookout. I moved from Argentina one year ago. We were there for 3 years. I love seafood but Argentines prefer beef so it was slim pickings on the seafood. I bought and cooked shrimp a few times but was never overly impressed with them. I'm going to be on the lookout for these.
GeWill42 August 12, 2011
Yes I have eaten the Argentina shrimp they are sweeter than your regular shrimp almost like lobster very tasty. Yes, a little thicker in the shell so you if you cook them with the shell on cook them a little longer then other shrimp. Also, I've gotten my shrimp from Harris Teeter.
BKB525 February 7, 2012
Actually, I work for a company that imports these Shrimp You DO NOT want to overcook them as they get mushy very easily. Just boil or steam for a couple of minutes or until flesh is firm.
nutcakes June 22, 2011
I haven't had them, but I've heard other rave about the ones you can sometimes ffind frozen at Trader Joe's. They never stay in stock very long, so I'd give them a go.
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