Florida Crystals - is there any advantage?

is there any advantage to using Florida Crystals rather than Dominos, etc?


a Whole Foods Market Customer


Lauren A. June 23, 2011
Good answers! I work with Florida Crystals and aside from being vegan and organic like you said, Florida Crystals products are domestic, grown right in Florida. They are also less refined than traditional sugar and produced in a eco-friendly facility.
By using sugar cane stalks and other wood waste, Florida Crystals creates its own energy for running their mill and provides enough energy for tens of thousands of home in Florida.
I also find it fascinating that they actually reduce America’s need for foreign oil by 1 million barrels a year. Not to mention save valuable landfill space!

Hope this helps! Thanks!

wssmom June 23, 2011
It's organic, and also better for the environment in many ways (sugar cane provides a habitat for wildlife, carbon-free certified, etc.)
hardlikearmour June 23, 2011
It is vegan if that's an issue. I've used regular sugar and organic sugar fairly interchangeably. Some baked goods have a better texture with a more finely grained sugar so you may need to whirl the Florida crystals in your food processor if a recipe specifically calls for castor sugar or ultrafine sugar.
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