What do you think of speeding up the "ripening" process for an Hachiya persimmon by freezing it overnight and then letting it sit for a few days? I am feeling impatient, and knowing that it could take weeks for the Hachiyas I just bought to ripen, am interested in this alternate method. Does it compromise the flavor of the fruit? Is the texture (super squishy in the case of a dead ripe Hachiya) the same? Thank you!!



Savorykitchen October 9, 2010
I tried it last year - DID NOT WORK! Felt like I'd chewed aluminum foil. Seriously, the tannins were just awful. Even worse, it started out ok and then the tannic dryness started to spread. A huge spoonful of honey restored my sense of taste.
Ophelia October 8, 2010
It would soften the flesh as freezing causes ice crystals to break the fruit cells and then thawing would release the innards of the cells (that's probably a really bad way to put that), but it wouldn't ripen the fruit in terms of flavor and sweetness. Doesn't work for bananas either, just makes them mushy.
I'd suggest a paper bag and banana (to put in the bag with the persimmons) and patience.
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