What's the difference between remoulade and tartar sauce?

Is one considered to be better/tastier than the other?



wssmom June 28, 2011
Chef June, of course it's better!
CarlaCooks June 28, 2011
Remoulade is very popular here in Denmark. People use it on the open-face sandwhiches with cold roast beef and with fried fish. It's pretty darn yummy!
ChefJune June 28, 2011
I learned to make Tartar Sauce in France, and it uses gherkins and not sweet pickles. I like it so much better than just stirring in pickle relish.
wssmom June 27, 2011
Around here (e.g. my kitchen) we call it Ray Milland Sauce (remember the movie, the Man with the X-Ray Eyes? Awesome!) and the main difference is that the Ray Milland Sauce has gherkins instead of sweet pickle relish, some tarragon, and no shallot, while the Tartar Sauce has the sweet pickle relish, chopped egg and some minced shallot (and no tarragon). That being said, sometimes we make tartar sauce with just mayonnaise and sweet pickle relish, period, and no one seems to mind.
lovesitc June 27, 2011
Hilarious point, Sam1148 :)
thirschfeld June 27, 2011
Great on shrimp, crab, lobster, some fish and excellent on oyster po'boys
Sam1148 June 27, 2011
About 8 Dollars to the price of the main dish. (g).
lovesitc June 27, 2011
Any thoughts on whether remoulade would be a good sauce for seafood, like tartar is?
thirschfeld June 27, 2011
it sort of depends on what remoulade sauce lovesitic is talking about. If you are talking classic French the above two answers are on the money while if you are talking classic New Orleans style you are talking a whole different bird from tartar sauce and for that matter classic French remoulade. Either way tartar sauce is usually mayonnaise, pickles of you liking and capers and from there there are variations based on personal tastes and remoulade contains mustard, and sometimes ketchup in the base.
pierino June 27, 2011
Anchovies (while I love them) aren't absolutely essential in remoulade; it's the mustard that matters. "Better/tastier"? It depends on how you are using them in your dish. Remoulade is great with celery root, no anchovies required, but tartar sauce, probably not.
ChefJune June 27, 2011
Remoulade has anchovies. Classic Tartar Sauce has hard boiled eggs in it. Otherwise, they are very similar, mayonnaise based sauces.
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