Got sand dabs from the farmer's market but they smell very fishy...ok to eat?

I got some sand dabs from a fish monger at a farmer's market yesterday -- when they defrosted, they smelled quite fishy even through the pastic bag. I've always heard that fresh fish shouldn't smell fishy. Are sand dabs particularly fishy-smelling fish, or did I get a less than fresh bag? Are they ok to eat?



SKK June 28, 2011
Please let the fish monger know. In my experience vendors would much rather have you complain to them so they can do something about it - like refund or exchange. They want to deliver quality and if there is a problem want to fix it! And I concur with everyone else - smells bad, don't eat it.
flgal June 28, 2011
Take them back! The fish store that I go to never has a fishy smell, as all their fish is very fresh. You might want to find another fish store!
Greenstuff June 28, 2011
For all of you you haven't had the pleasure of eating them: sanddabs are small flounder that are generally sold on the bone. They are easy to pan fry and are a California favorite. There's just no excuse for them to be anything but very fresh. Honestly, I've never seen them frozen and would recommend them if they were. Sorry clintonhillbilly, I hate it when I buy fish that's not good.
ChefJune June 28, 2011
I don't think I'd eat them, but I do think I would be sure to tell the fishmonger next time I went to the market that his sand dabs were off.
Sam1148 June 27, 2011
I had to look that up. They look like a flounder or flat fish. Still slimy or fishy smelling fish should be tossed.

At first I thought it was something Florence Henderson would have picked up from the former mayor of NYC.
boulangere June 27, 2011
"Fresh" fish should never smell "fishy". Sounds more like cat food.
wssmom June 27, 2011
I am not familiar with sand dabs, but if something didn't smell right to me, I wouldn't eat it. Especially fish!
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