Fresh apricot bread? Need a recipe.

Oops messed up my last question so here goes again. I have six gorgeous fresh apricots that I need to use. Does anyone have a good whole wheat bread or scone recipe I can make? Or one for jam or poached apricots? I've been on a dessert kick so am trying to avoid tarts/pies/the like right now.



em-i-lis June 29, 2011
Thank you both! These sound great. My kids voted for the scones but I will make the jam soon.
SKK June 29, 2011
Good recipes for apricot scones
nannydeb June 29, 2011
This jam is REALLY good and I bet it would be great subbing apricots for peaches:

However, you would have to cut the recipe down for six apricots.
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