People keep giving me really nice maple syrup - what can I do with it besides pour it on pancakes?



nutcakes July 2, 2011
fyi, I made the KA maple bacon buscuits (link in my last post) with sticky glaze yesterday. Didnt 't have bacon, but I used Canadian bacon and they were insanely good.
Bevi July 1, 2011
There is the most amazing maple yogurt pound cake recipe by Rivka on this site:

It is so good with these peaches, by therunawayspoon:
tizzle July 1, 2011
Oatmeal! I also use it as my sweetener sometimes in things like salad dressings (it's pretty amazing in a vinaigrette), in muffins, even in yeast bread! I think Mark Bittman has a good recipe for sandwich bread that calls for maple syrup or honey as the sweetener.

Also have used it in chili and black bean dishes.

Hope you find something yummy to make!
nutcakes June 30, 2011
Amazing how many interesting maple syrup recipes they have. I'm going to have to give one a try maybe thise Maple Corn Muffins.

This Blueberry Maple Cornmeal Cobbler sounds delicious. I do a polenta batter over peaches or cherries so those fruits would work too.

And maple syrup in creamcheese over pumpkin cake bars is a great idea:

Speaking of maple bacon, how about sticky biscuts with maple bacon glaze? This one sent me to the kitchen and I just about have the 1/4 cup maple but no bacon. Rats.

Sorry if this is TMI but I thought they all sounded so good.

I also like the idea of using it for roasted butternut squash. and The bacon jam sounds amazing. What is 5 ingredient chicken, flgal?
susan G. June 30, 2011
Sugar on snow is a winter tradition in Vermont. It's syrup boiled further, then poured on snow (in a bowl in my account, and shaved ice can be used) to form a solid candy. Exhaustive directions are in The Blueberry Hill Menu Cookbook, by Elsie Masterton. She also makes Lemon Maple Dumplings -- 2 cups syrup, 2 sliced lemons, 1 Tb butter, simmered gently until the lemons are transparent. Pour spoonfuls of a sweet dumpling batter on the syrup, steam onlow heat covered, 15 minutes or 20. I haven't made either but they sound fantastic.
nutcakes June 30, 2011
I just checked the KA book out from the Library and it looks like a real keeper. The original cake-pan cake is on the website with instructions for mixing. There are several variations and here are the ingredients for the one with maple syrup.

Maple Walnut Cake-Pan Cake

1 cup KA Stone Ground Whole Wheat flour
1/2 cup KA Unbleached AP flour
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp soda
2 tsp vanilla
1 tsp vinegar
1/3 c vegetable oil
3/4 c maple syrup
3/4 c buttermilk
1 cut chopped walnuts

Here is the Yankee Pecan Pie again handy on the website:

And how does Maple Granola sound?

pierino June 30, 2011
This will sound really wierd but I use it as a substitute for honey in things like a marinade for Korean kalbi barbacue. Believe it or not it combines really well with soy sauce.
AntoniaJames June 30, 2011
Maple vinegar!! Send me a note via the message system (i.e., through my profile page) if you want more details. ;o)
Peter June 30, 2011
Maple Ice Cream. That'll use up a good cup or two.
flgal June 30, 2011
Yummy when you brush it on bacon before you put it in the oven. Five Ingredient Chicken uses it and it is a great easy chicken recipe, also have a good scallop recipe that uses it. I have loads of other uses for it, but that's a start.
skittle June 29, 2011
I also use it in salad dressings.
Or when you make icing, rather than use milk to thin out your powdered sugar, you can sub the syrup. It's really yummy.
Anitalectric June 29, 2011
1/3 cup maple plus 1 1/4 cups confectioner's sugar plus 1 tsp vanilla yields the best donut glaze. U can also use to glaze cakes, cookies, etc.
I use it to roast carrots, sweet potatoes, and butternut squash all the time. It gives them the perfect sweetness and caramelized flavor. A little maple syrup and olive oil, salt, and pepper and you have a quick side!
nutcakes June 29, 2011
I have the King Arthur Flour 200th Anniversary book and they have a number of simple goods using up to 1 cup of maple syrup: Elegant Bran Muffins, New England Gingerbread, Maple-Walnut cake made right in the pan, Maple-Walnut Pudding Cake. and a Pecan pie using maple syrup. Let me know if you want one of these, they are pretty simple to type out.
Sam1148 June 29, 2011
Maple candy.
Lucy's M. June 29, 2011
I use it as a marinade ingredient for chicken, pork or shrimp: combine a tablespoon or two with some olive oil, chili powder, minced garlic, sherry vinegar, s&p, maybe a dash of worcestershire. The maple sweetness is subtle, but combines surprisingly well with hot and spicy.
beyondcelery June 29, 2011
I use it in cocktails--it's especially good in hot toddies. Use it in place of sugar in baking (just be careful to balance your dry and liquid ingredients). It's also my automatic go-to substitution any time a recipe calls for corn syrup or agave nectar. Use a 1:1 replacement for corn syrup, and closer to 1.25:1 for agave nectar (agave is sweeter).
walevitt June 29, 2011
I love adding it to a salad dressing for a little sweetness. Try dijon mustard, olive oil, lemon juice, salt, pepper and a splash or maple syrup!
Kristen M. June 29, 2011
Such a great problem to have! I wrote this thingie with several ideas for cooking with maple:

A few more ideas that didn't make it in: maple sodas & egg creams (just mix syrup with seltzer and optional splash of milk), candied nuts, bacon/maple/lime sauce for panna cotta or toffee cake (courtesy of brilliant pastry chef Claudia Fleming).
Cath25 June 29, 2011
Smitten Kitchen had an AMAZING bourbon lemonade that was sweetened with maples syrup. It has become our drink of the summer.
boulangere June 29, 2011
Lots and lots of lovely ideas right here on food52:
Kizandtango June 29, 2011
It goes really well with bacon on toast !
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