Substitution for sake?

My spouse is making a yakitori dish from F+W, it calls for 3 cups of sake. We don't have any. Are we going to the store of having something else for dinner?

Summer of Eggplant


healthierkitchen June 30, 2011
SKK June 30, 2011
Chilled sake in the summertime is so, so good! Am happy to learn about the substitutions, though. One of the many things I love about Foodpickle is how much gas I save when I get to ask about substitutions. No have to go back to the storee
Sam1148 June 29, 2011
I use sherry cut with water.
Summer O. June 29, 2011
Lillet? Would it work? Could I cut with something else?
boulangere June 29, 2011
A white wine on the sweet-ish side should do just fine.
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