I have some frozen cherry juice.(excess cherries) anyone have a good cherry jelly recipe.

  • Posted by: Luigi
  • October 10, 2010


KellyC May 18, 2013
Check out http://www.tartcherryrecipes.com They have some cherry recipes.
luvcookbooks October 12, 2010
did you see the cherry jello recipe in the nyt potluck recipe winners? check it out on food52 or the nyt diners blog. it looks beautiful and delicious.
RavensFeast October 11, 2010
Thanks for adding that Christina, left it out. Mario, here's a nifty chart with water bath canning times set at sea level for you to adjust by elevation: http://tinyurl.com/3al688h
Christina W. October 11, 2010
Please let me respectfully comment on Foodshed's recipe.

The recipe, I'm sure is delicious. BUT, this jelly, like all others must be processed in a hot water canner for food safety issues.

After placing the jelly in jars. Place lid on scrupulously clean rim. Tighten bands until you feel resistance. Process in hot water canner for 10 minutes for pint jars. (Add about 1 minute per thousand foot elevation.)
RavensFeast October 10, 2010
You could do a simple pinot noir/cherry jelly. These measurements are approximations, but here's a start:

6 parts cherry juice
1 part pinot noir
4 parts sugar
1 parts apple jelly (or commercial pectin)

-Bring all to gentle boil until 221 degrees F is achieved (or check the set the ole fashioned way). Place in warm jars and seal.
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