latex allergies and figs

I just found that figs contain a latex substance. Will processing/cooking them remove the latex and make them safe for latex sensitive people?
Thanks for your help.



aargersi July 2, 2011
My neice also has a latex allergy - she can't help us pick figs but she can eat fig jam ... so I think it's OK but you should still check because the severity of allergies varies so widely
Panfusine July 2, 2011
Figs belong to a family known as 'ficus' which includes the rubber tree used in producing latex, not sure about the chemistry & histamine profiles of cooked fig, but its better to be safe than sorry.
sdebrango July 2, 2011
Is it the fig or the sap from the fig tree? I googled figs and latex allergy and the article that I read mentioned that the sap from the tree is dangerous for people with that type of allergy. I would consult a physician or scientist familiar with these things I know latex allergies are very serious
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