making ravioli with won ton wrappers..recipie implies that they be cooked immediately..can I make ahead..How to store for use in a few hours



I make them in large batches too, you can freeze them or put them in the fridge for up to a couple days. Just make sure to put them on parchment paper with some flour so they don't stick. I put them straight from the freezer into the boiling water and they're as good as fresh.
amysarah July 3, 2011
I think they hold together better in the boiling water after spending some time in the fridge - gives the wash or egg wash 'glue' time to adhere. In fact, when doing either (Asian) dumplings or ravioli, I usually pop them in the freezer - on a wax paper lined cookie sheet - until I'm ready to boil them. That seems to work even better.
pierino July 3, 2011
I agree with Amanda 100% on this one. That's exactly what I would do. And depending on how you've done them, they will likely freeze well too.
Amanda H. July 3, 2011
Usually won ton ravioli don't need to be cooked right away. Lay them on a baking sheet (on top of a layer of parchment if you're concerned about them sticking) and set them in the fridge.
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