Stupid question: How do I seed and chop a lemon? Peel, remove seeds, chop?



alex_75025 July 3, 2011
Thank you so much!! Making it now :)
AmyRuth July 3, 2011
I think as you take it down from 1/2, 1/4, 1/8's and so on, systematically removing seeds as you go you'll be fine. Typically, I strain lemon juices, however this sounds like it wants the pulp, etc. I haven't made this recipe yet so maybe those who have will respond. Just use your "eagle eye" on this one. he he
Amanda H. July 3, 2011
Don't peel the lemon -- you want that in the sorbet. So see the lemon, simply cut the lemon in half around its equator. This should reveal most of the seeds. Pluck them out using the tip of a small knife. Then chop the two lemon halves as you would an onion or tomato (you might find some extra seeds as you do this and just discard them). I know this seems like a strange step but it will all work out once you grind the chopped lemon with sugar in your food processor. Good luck!
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