2 or 3 lemons is a bit vague: Can you tell us how much weight of lemon to use?



maryaskew July 4, 2011

I need to weigh some lemons and I really, really need to buy an
ice cream freezer.

Thank you both.

Kristen M. July 4, 2011
Hi Mary,

I believe Ruth Rogers and Rose Gray allowed for this vagueness because of the variations in the tartness of strawberries (and size of lemons) -- they have you adjust the final amount of lemon juice to taste, and you may need anywhere from 1-2 lemons' worth.

On our shoot day, we had really sweet, peak season strawberries, so we ended up using the juice of 2 lemons to balance the sweetness, which was about 1/3 cup. If your strawberries are more tart, you may want less. Good luck -- hope you like the recipe!
Amanda H. July 4, 2011
Great point. We didn't weigh the lemons. As most commercial lemons are large, I'd recommend using 2. If you're using small organic lemons, then 3. Hope this is helpful.
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