Making Daniel Boulud's artichoke clafoutis, it calls for 6" pie pan the smallest I have is 9"

It contains 2 large eggs, 3 large egg white, 1 tsp yeast and 1/2 cup cream and a bunch of other stuff. Should I increase the ingredients I listed for my larger pan or should I just make a shorter clafoutis?

Summer of Eggplant


Summer O. July 12, 2011
I'm going 8/9" route. The reviewer on the food network page mentions having made it several times. I have never seen many 6" cake pans in home kitchens.
davidpdx July 12, 2011
Summer -- Well, this looks like a dilemma. The TV version and the book version have what look like the same ingredient list, but one says an 8-inch pan and the other a 6-inch. Alas. Maybe Amanda has an "in" to get the answer from Chef Baulud?
Summer O. July 12, 2011
Well this is confusing, I'm using the cookbook and it says 6"
and serves 6. I will check the other ingredients in the cookbook against your link. Thanks for your comments you may have saved the day. That would be a pretty rough typo.
davidpdx July 12, 2011
Summer -- Unless it is a typo, better check the original recipe. Boulud calls for an 8-inch pan, not a 6-inch pan; that's close enough to your 9-incher to not make much difference. The recipe makes six servings, so maybe that's where the number "6" came from. Here is the reference:
pierino July 12, 2011
I agree with Peter. Although you might get by increasing in proportion by 1/3. It's better though to have too much batter than too little. When you add the artichokes it will cause the level to rise; think Archimedes.
Summer O. July 12, 2011
Thanks Peter, I'll let you know how it goes.
Peter July 12, 2011
Double your ingredients. At least. The area of a 6" pan is ~28 square inches. The area of a 9" pan is ~64 square inches. In other words, even though it's only 3" wider, it's twice as big (circles are funny that way). And with the fluted sides I expect the *volume* of the 9" pan is more off from the 6".
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