Bunny Left Out - OK to Eat?

I left a partially cooked braised bunny rabbit out on the stove for 8 hours. It was browned, and covered with a mixture of chicken stock & wine, with a heavy cover. Can I continue cooking it? Or has it turned?

  • Posted by: paulkog
  • July 13, 2011


susan G. July 13, 2011
Your heavy lid has created an incubation chamber -- warm and moist, beloved by microbes. 2nd above remarks.
usuba D. July 13, 2011
Food safety first. . . throw it out. Don't not let anyone second guess or suggest that you are alright!
[email protected] July 13, 2011
No, No protein should be left out in the temperature danger zone between(40 degrees to 140degrees) for any extended time ( longer than an hour unless it has been cured or brined). You should not continue to cook it as it may have already vast amounts of bacteria that can not be cooked out. It may not have "turned", but I would not want to take a chance and get my self or others seriously ill.
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