A question about a recipe: Foolproof Ice Cream

I have a question about step 9 on the recipe "Foolproof Ice Cream" from Tammy. It says:

"Churn for 30 mins. If you have any add-ins, add to the ice cream for the last 30 seconds."

For flavor add-ins, like mint extract, how much should I put in?
Also, I am interested in making green tea flavored ice cream. What are your thoughts on that? Should I pour tea into the mix or the sencha/matcha itself?

Foolproof Ice Cream
Recipe question for: Foolproof Ice Cream


jeremythyde July 13, 2011
Thank you!
sdebrango July 13, 2011
Here is a link to epicurious recipe for green tea ice cream, they say to whisk the matcha in with the egg yolks and sugar, You can use the recipe for fool proof ice cream and just add the matcha as directed in the recipe for the green tea ice cream, I love it! The add in's referred to in the recipe are things like chips, fruit etc... see the link below for green tea ice cream
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