Are Leeks and Scallions Interchangeable?

I just wrote up a recipe in which I use leeks, a friend of mine (who tried the dish) asked if she could use scallions instead of leeks. I was wondering if leeks and scallions are interchangeable. From my experience leeks have a milder flavor, but I wanted some more opinions. Thanks!



Thank you all for your input! =)

Cath25- Thanks, the leeks in this dish are cooked. I agree, raw leeks are not my cup of tea, but I will eat raw scallions as well.
Cath25 July 14, 2011
You are right about the flavor, but I wouldn't substitute leeks for scallions in any application where they are eaten raw. Raw leeks are not delicious, in my opinion. Raw scallions, though...nom.
Panfusine July 14, 2011
if I were to arrange them on a scale of 'onion ness', I would rank as follows (decreasing intensity):
Onions, shallots, scallions, leeks
sdebrango July 14, 2011
I believe you are right, leeks have a much milder taste than scallions.
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