Quick! strawberries, green leaf lettuce, toasted almonds, what else?

Last minute dinner invite, we bring salad and have what I listed above. I am thinking a balsamic vinaigrette, but what do YOU think? And what else?



Sagegreen July 17, 2011
Even without macerating I suggest including some crushed pink peppercorns....and a chiffonade of an interesting herb from what you have available. Lemon verbena would work well. Pineapple sage would be great. Bronze dill. Work a quick trip to a garden center as well as farmer's market. If they let you take a little sample home, that may be all you need!
Panfusine July 16, 2011
Sadassa_Ulna July 16, 2011
Thanks everyone! I called my husband to pick up some firm aged goat cheese. I was reaching for the balsamic and found a bottle of very old "late harvest riesling" vinegar - when it comes to vinegar old is OK right? So I am doing a taste test. THANKS! I heart foodpickle!
cookinginvictoria July 16, 2011
What do you think about making aargersi's raspberry and white miso salad dressing for the salad?
I haven't made it yet, but I am planning on making it tonight. It sounds really delicious. I'll bet that you could sub strawberries for the raspberries in the recipe.
hardlikearmour July 16, 2011
I'm with the goat cheese, or would also think about blue, or maybe ricotta salata.
sdebrango July 16, 2011
lastnightsdinner, we think alike!
sdebrango July 16, 2011
Goat cheese? Totally agree with the balsamic vinaigrette
lastnightsdinner July 16, 2011
Goat cheese. Mostly because I'm craving goat cheese :) But seriously, I think you could go with something creamy like a chevre, or thick shavings of a firmer, aged goat cheese, and it would be lovely with the ingredients you already have.
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