Is there a non-dairy substitute for whipping cream in the topping to a cream pie?

My friend loves cream pies but is lactose intolerant - is there anything I can do to feed his craving without killing him?



priya February 19, 2014
Flexicreme is a non-dairy substitute for whipping cream in the topping to a cream pie.
usuba D. July 18, 2011
Coconut milk. . . I have a few friends who are lactose intolerant, so I discovered by that draining off the excess liquid from a can of coconut milk and whipping it up, I have some of the best chantilly ever.
Anitalectric July 18, 2011
If you have the money to invest in a cream whipper, those canisters that you insert a CO2 charger in, you can make the most luscious whip cream out of canned coconut milk. You have to use the thick kind, I recommend Thai Kitchen brand coconut milk, or anything that is equal consistency to heavy cream. I put it in the blender with a few spoonfuls of sugar, a tsp of vanilla, and a tiny bit of lemon zest.

Just pour into the cream whipper (no more than a pint at a time) insert the charger and shake it. You can't do this ahead of time you have to do it right before serving or it will deflate. This is very tasty stuff.
beyondcelery July 18, 2011
SKK: that recipe for cashew cream looks amazing. I'm totally going to try that!
Muncieats July 18, 2011
Thank you both for your great ideas. I'll let you know how they come out!
SKK July 18, 2011
An additional note:
Raw food recipes have some of the best desserts ever. If you want to continue this line of inquiry, I recommend not only Nomi's book above, but Raw Food Made Easy by Jennifer Cornbleet - Raw Food Real World by Matthew Kenney and Sarma Melngallis and finally Raw by Charlie Trotter (yes - the famous Charlie) and Roxanne Klein. Trotter has a recipe for vanilla ice cream (no dairy) that is divine. You can get all these at Amazon.
SKK July 18, 2011
Soaked cashews grind up into a very smooth fluffy topping that can be used in place of whipped cream or yogurt when combined with medjool dates. And if you use vanilla you get more of the whipped cream flavor. I have served this and people can't tell the difference.
Here is a great recipe from Nomi Shannon's book The Raw Gourmet
-1 cup cashews soaked 8 to 12 hours in water (I have done it in 4 hours and it has worked)
-4 - 5 pitted medjool dates soaked 4 hours, reserve soaking water
1/2 teaspoon vanilla (Optional)
(When soaking nuts and dates, cover with water plus 2")
-Place nuts in blender and grind them gradually adding date soak water until the mixture is the consistency of whipped cream.
-Add the dates one a a time and blend until the mixture is smooth and creamy.
-Add vanilla
Fluff keeps will for up to one week,
yield is 2 cups
beyondcelery July 18, 2011
Soy Whip is pretty good:
I've used both the pre-whipped variety and the heavy cream variety in baking with excellent results.

There's a type of cashew cream you can buy that I've heard good things about, though haven't tried myself (I'm not sure of the brand, but it's at Whole Foods). Also, there are many recipes for cashew creams on the web:
That one is similar to a recipe used by the cafe where my sister-in-law works.
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