Please: A substitute for tamarind paste.



alextillotson May 22, 2012
Quince paste would also work. Whole Foods carries it in the Specialty Department.
BoulderGalinTokyo May 23, 2012
Is quince paste just boiled quince, or more like a jelly Sweetened? Thank you.
Panfusine July 25, 2011
Totally agree with nogaga. Keelers lime marmalade comes to mind,
nogaga July 25, 2011
Tamarind paste has a strong fruity body, so in desperate times, if Panfusine's advice for pomegranate molasses is also an impossibility, I'd go for a very high quality lemon marmalade, or mango chutney, or any other sweet-tart fruity mix. They won't have the same depth as the tamarind, but they will do the trick.
LULULAND December 19, 2016
Thank you!
veghead July 24, 2011
mix some fresh lemon juice, worcestershire sauce, and a dash of ketchup (I don't have measurements - I do everything by taste)

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BusDriver July 23, 2011
This may not be feasible if you're having trouble finding tamarind paste, but I've used tamarind concentrate before. As the name implies, it's concentrated, so I use 50% of the amount of tamarind paste the recipe requires and dilute it in equal parts water.

And, in an admission I'd only be willing to admit under my trusty pseudonym, I have used this trick before: 1 part lime juice: 1 part water: 25% dark brown sugar (example 1/4 lime juice, 1/4 cup water, 1 tablespoon dark brown sugar). This trick basically mimics the tangy/sweet flavor for the tamarind. If you're using it to make pad thai for your foreign exchange student from thailand, they will know you cheated. If you're making it for your brother-in-law from Iowa who thinks pad thai is one of the most awesome dishes at the Chinese restaurant, then you're good. It by no means hits the nail on the head, but it'll get you through in a pinch.
AntoniaJames May 22, 2012
You could also put a touch of molasses in, if you don't have brown sugar . . . . . with perhaps a date or two, soaked in the lime juice/water and then crushed with a fork, for sweetness. (I have a date and tamarind chutney that I bought at an Indian grocer of which I'm quite fond. The date adds a whole new dimension.) ;o)
LULULAND December 19, 2016
Thanks for the tip!
Panfusine July 22, 2011
pomegranate molasses.. (you should get it at any middle eastern grocery store) or simply boil down a bottle of pomegranate juice (with no additives) till it thickens, 1 liter of juice yields about 1/3rd to 1/2 a cup (less if you really thicken it)
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