my soup is too spicy. how can I cool it down while maintaining a vegan sensibility?

  • Posted by: brandon
  • July 25, 2011


mcd2 July 25, 2011
potatoes, rice, noodles, dumplings will all "absorb" the spicy. how about other milks like almond or rice. they too will change the predominance of the spices and "cool" it down or smooth it out.
Gillies July 25, 2011
I would try roasting a banana or two puree it and mix it into the soup.
beyondcelery July 25, 2011
You can also puree the soup with nuts, such as cashews or pecans; that can help with the spicy, but it depends on your type of soup.
ChefJune July 25, 2011
It's hard to recommend much without knowing what kind of soup you're talking about. In general, potato is a great vehicle for dispelling too much salt or spicy. Peel and dice a couple of potatoes and put into your soup pot. You should see a difference in the soup very quickly. You can fish out the potato chunks before serving to literally remove the spicy.
nutcakes July 25, 2011
I wish you mentioned what kind of soup. It is hard to take the spicy out, so I find that making another batch without the spice, then combining the two and seasoning to taste is often the answer. The coconut milk is a great idea. Also, you could use a cooling garnish like a 'tofu 'sour cream' or cashew cream. Avocado chunks are a cooling garnish.
nogaga July 25, 2011
It does depend on what kind of soup it is, but there are several options: 1. coconut milk, a wonderful addition to many spicy soups. Pureed vegetables in broth, if the coconut does not strike you as the right flavour. Another possibility is to add blenderized cooked rice or lentils in broth. Good luck!
esti_brennan July 25, 2011
I've had that happen, and I just added more broth (plus some extra veggies and dumplings) to thin out the soup and disperse the spice a bit. It depends on what kind of soup you're dealing with, though.
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