Use of 'Herbes Salees'?

Just came across a recipe with Herbes Salees. It says it's a Quebecois seasoning. Has anyone used this salted fresh herb/veg blend? What is it like? What does it add? Thanks.

Queen of Spoons


SKK July 26, 2011
I have a bad habit of sharing an answer to a question and then thinking of something else - sorry. I make a vegetable bouillon that goes into the freezer that is kind of like Herbes Salees and I just use what sounds good. The recipe comes from
SKK July 26, 2011
Herbes Salees can be added to soups, omelettes, sauces, beans, stews. It is also easy to make at home. It is usually 1 cup chervil, 1 cup parsley, 1 cup onions, 1 cup grated carrots, 1 cup celery leaves with salt sprinkled between the layers and put in the refrigerator for about 2 weeks.

It is wonderful with French or Mediterranean recipes.

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