Preserving fresh herbs

We are about to leave for a 11-day vacation...I bought a bunch of fresh herbs for a dinner the other night (taragon, parsley, chives) and I really don't want to waste them. Can I freeze fresh herbs? Can I create herb pastes or something and freeze them? Or am I best off using them for flavored oil and calling it a day? I just hate to waste them....



uws80 June 29, 2011
Salsa verde! You're on the right track with the "paste" idea -- just grind up, add olive oil. That will do to keep in a jar till you get back, but if you want t finish it into a sauce add garlic, salt, lemon(zest), and (optional) capers. Enjoy on its own or mix into mayo -- which is another idea for the herbs (i.e. just chop and mix with mayo in a jar).
inpatskitchen June 29, 2011
I've frozen fresh herbs in ice cube trays with water to cover. Once frozen you can keep them in freezer bags and take out as you need them.
MrsBeeton June 29, 2011
Why not make a few compound butters, roll them up in waxed paper (use a sushi mat for a perfect roll), and freeze them. They'll be great with anything you grill for the rest of the season.
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