Opinions/recommendations on a good quality 9 or 10" tart pan with removable base?

The bottom of a springform pan I bought recently was rusty after the first use--even though I handwashed it--and I don't want to make that mistake again. Would also appreciate brief primer (or link?) on what to look for/avoid in terms of types of metal--aluminum? nonstick? steel? In reading reviews on Amazon and elsewhere, it appears that dangerously sharp edges are common and rust is also a problem, as is uneven heating and/or burning.
Thank you!

  • Posted by: drkate
  • July 31, 2011


Merrill S. August 1, 2011
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ChefJune August 1, 2011
You can remedy that possible "drip factor" by placing your tart pan on a baking sheet in your oven to catch any overflow. I've found that to be rare with my two-piece pans. (I have seven.)
drkate August 1, 2011
Thank you, everyone! There seems much more variety in solid tart pans, but I've seen so many recipes specify pans with removable bottoms, I thought I'd look into buying one. I am fearful that the two piece tart pans will make a mess of my oven. I guess we'll see!
Thanks again!
ChefJune July 31, 2011
I've bought all of mine at restaurant supply stores. They're usually more durable and less expensive than those sold in specialty stores. At least, that's been my experience.

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Amanda H. July 31, 2011
I like stainless steel and something that feels sturdy. If you think you could bend the pan with your hands, it's probably not heavy enough. I'm not a fan of non-stick for two reasons: the dark coating makes the tart crust bake faster and messes up recipes, and I've also had doughs sink down into the pan because there's nothing for the dough to "grip."
jtrueblood July 31, 2011
I had some old black metal tart pans that had rusted around the edges. I went to Sur La Table and bought a new, non-stick one for a hefty price, around $28, I think. On my way out of the mall, I swung by Crate & Barrel and saw a similar one for about half the price, so I returned the Sur La Table pan. I have been very pleased with the new non-stick one.
ATG117 July 31, 2011
I got mine at William Sonoma-- good quality and fairly priced.
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