What is the best way to store cilantro?

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Merrill S. August 1, 2011
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veghead July 31, 2011
I fill a pint glass 1/2 way with H20 put the cilantro bunch in it and cover the top loosely with a food storage bag. lasts a couple weeks (I change out the water every couple days) Lasts about 2 weeks
IlovePhilly July 31, 2011
I got the Herb Saver as a wedding gift and I tested it versus the water in a glass in the fridge method. It actually does work much better (herbs last longer and taste fresher). But it is a single-purpose dodad and for me it only gets used in the non-growing months, but still, I kinda love it!
sweeteats34 July 31, 2011
This is a great trick:
Panfusine July 31, 2011
I usually remove the leaves from the stalks, wrap them in newspaper & place it into a ziploc. The stalks I chop up & freeze. comes in handy when you're out of the leafy part!
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