A question about a recipe: Oven barbecued pork

I have a question about the recipe "Oven barbecued pork" from Kayb. If you use a smaller pork shoulder (2-3 pounds) do you cut down the cooking time by half?

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  • Posted by: gratin
  • August 2, 2011
Memphis Style Pulled Pork Barbecue
Recipe question for: Memphis Style Pulled Pork Barbecue


hardlikearmour August 2, 2011
You want the meat to be at about 200º F for an hour to get the collagen to dissolve.
gratin August 2, 2011
Thanks so much! Been in the oven for 3 hours and it's close to done. YUM!
Kayb August 2, 2011
I don't know if you could cut it by half -- but you could certainly cut it. They key to the taste, though, is the long, slow cooking. Your best bet for knowing when it's done is to stick a fork in it and twist....if the meat comes away in shreds, it's ready.
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