Laduree, Fauchon Macarons

I traveled to France about a year ago, and know that Laduree and/or Fauchon will delivery their macarons to the US. The question is, how do I go about this? Their website is all in French!



Anitalectric August 8, 2011
Okay. Confirmed! The rumors are true. Laduree is coming to NYC in two weeks.
Anitalectric August 7, 2011
I heard a rumor via the Zagat Buzz website that Laduree is going to open on Madison Avenue in NYC later this month. But I have heard these rumors before! We'll just have to wait and see.
ChefJune August 4, 2011
Macarons in New York won't be of much more use to you than Paris!

I'm afraid that even if you do have some shipped from Paris, they won't live up to your expectations. For one thing, they won't be as fresh as they are in Paris. Have you explored the bakeries in San Francisco to see who has delicious macarons? I'm convinced they will be better/fresher. Paris is better in Paris, but local usually wins.

Alternatively, you could try making your own. They are VERY easy to do. There are a few good recipes on this site for starters,
RonaMoser August 4, 2011
I read in the last Vogue issue that Laduree store will be located at 864 Madison Ave in New York, if it's possible make your morning stroll around there.
fiveandspice August 4, 2011
Similarly, on the laduree web page, if you look in the upper right hand corner, there's a little box that says francais, but if you hover over it, a menu drops down that gives you the option of English. Click on that and you'll get an English version.
fiveandspice August 4, 2011
I just checked the fauchon website (, and on their entry page (once it loads, which took forever), if you look at the bottom in the middle there's a button that says English. You can click that and it takes you to the English language version.
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