A question about a recipe: Banana Sorbet with Chocolate and Peanut Butter

I have a question about the ingredient "2 tablespoons vodka" on the recipe "Banana Sorbet with Chocolate and Peanut Butter" from drbabs. I can't use alcohol in this recipe and was wondering how to make it without it. Any substitution ideas? Curious though, why vodka at all?



drbabs August 7, 2011
Thanks rachel. Yes, the reason I add alcohol is to keep it from freezing too hard. But you can skip the vodka, especially if you're serving it right away, which is how I like it best. Otherwise just let it soften some before serving.
Rachelrum August 7, 2011
Alcohol is typically added to frozen dessert recipes in order to keep them soft and scoopable, since alcohol doesn't freeze. However, alternative ways to keep homemade ice cream soft include adding small amounts of xanthan gum or other similar substances available at grocery stores (Bob's Red Mill makes both xanthan and guar gum). You can also just give the ice cream a few minutes to thaw prior to eating, assuming you have the patience. Hope that helps!
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