Fondue. Can you make it in advance? Ok, not days and days in advance, as the party is tomorrow and I haven't even shopped yet, but can I make the fondue 3 or 4 hours in advance? If so, what do I do with it? Keep it in a 200 degree oven? Keep it at simmer on the stove? Stick it in the fridge and heat it back up later? And while we're at it, I guess it would be nice to know if I *could* make it days and days in advance in case I get bit by the fondue bug. ;-) Thanks everyone!

  • Posted by: Peter
  • October 14, 2010


AntoniaJames October 15, 2010
Oh, and by the way, don't even think about buying pre-shredded cheese, which is coated with starch to prevent it from sticking together in the bag. It will ruin your fondue. ;o)
AntoniaJames October 15, 2010
Definitely would not make in advance. Get ingredients ready and put it together at the last possible minute. Reheating doesn't work and as pierino has astutely noted, keeping it warm will reduce it to the wrong consistency (and it may separate in the process). Have fun and please, please, please report back! ;o)
kjrmcclain October 15, 2010
Assuming this is a cheese fondue, then I think the best you can do in advance is have the cheese shredded and up to room temp. If you cook it, the starch will help it hold up from breaking, but not for long. You could make it and cool it, but the reheat process may not give you the results you want and you will not save much time in the end.
pierino October 14, 2010
1 hour maybe, maybe but the liquid ingredients are going to reduce and coagulate and you don't want cement fondue.
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