Canning passionfruit curd

Does anyone have a recipe for passionfruit curd that includes canning instructions? Or a thought on if/how to make this?



Greenstuff August 12, 2011
The Nigella Lawson recipe says to keep it in the refrigerator, and since it includes eggs, I'd think it's not quite as safe and easy as canning jams.

The info I've seen on canning lemon curd does say that it's okay in a water bath, no need for pressure canning, but keep the jars small, and don't anticipate a long shelf life. Look for color changes or separation, and plan to eat it up in a couple of months.

But passionfruit? I'm not sure. Here's a link to a University of Georgia publication on lemon and lime curd.

Pinksnowkat August 30, 2020
Thankyou so much.
Do u think maybe it would be safer in a pressure canner. And not the water bath. I'm trying to get at least 6 mths out of the curds I make.?
thespicegirl August 11, 2011
Nigella Lawson has a great recipe in the Domestic Godess Cookbook. You can find the recipe at www.
Good luck!
AnnaMowry August 11, 2011
Due to its high acid content, I would think it's perfectly fine to can curd the same way that you can jam—with a hot water bath. You can find lots of instructions for this method online. Maybe also get confirmation from a trustworthy source that it's safe to can curd, just to be safe...
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