Where are the rest of the ingredients? How much sherry vinegar?



Kristen M. August 12, 2011
Good news -- we've fully restored the recipe from our data backups, and better yet, we know the source of the glitch. There were two versions of this recipe and we accidentally deleted the complete version instead of the partial one (which means that this shouldn't be a pervasive issue.) Sorry for our editorial butter fingers.

If you ever notice something fishy with an EP like this again, please email us directly at [email protected]

Here's the recipe in all its glory: http://www.food52.com/recipes/13734_corn_salad_with_pedro_ximenez_crispy_shallots_radicchio_and_pistachios
hardlikearmour August 11, 2011
The same thing happened with a recipe a few contests back, but of course I can't remember which one. Weird.
Kristen M. August 11, 2011
We're looking into the missing steps and instructions now -- thanks for your patience.
drbabs August 11, 2011
boulangere August 11, 2011
Me too.
mrslarkin August 11, 2011
Yeah, I was wondering that, too, and why it got an EP.
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