Is there anything I can use that is non dairy instead of the yogurt/sourcream? Great recipe btw!

Creamy Cucumber "Side"
Recipe question for: Creamy Cucumber "Side"


Anitalectric August 15, 2011
Why not skim off the top creamy part of a can of coconut milk? It is the same consistency as yogurt. The best brand for this is Taste of Thai. Don't get the lowfat kind. I used this trick to replace sour cream in a potato salad over the weekend and it was amazing.
knitter320 August 15, 2011
thanks so much for all of the responses. I am going to try the toffutti. There is a huge cucumber surplus in my garden!
VeganFox August 15, 2011
Try a vegan sour cream - Toffutti makes one that I swear by. I'd shy away from soy yogurt as it might be a bit too sweet for what you are looking for.

you could also do a homemade "sour cream" using silken tofu and Vegnase (a vegan mayo- or other brand- but I think Follow Your Heart's Veganse is by far the best)

Blend 1 cup crumbled silken tofu, 2 tbsp. vegan mayo until well combined in a food processor or blender. You can add 1-2tbsp if a thinner consistency is desired.

Hope that helps!

Don't worry! There are tons of amazingly delicious non-dairy alternatives.

Lizthechef August 15, 2011
I wish I had ideas for you but I am stumped here...Is soy yogurt considered non-dairy?
Greenstuff August 15, 2011
Since "creamy," is an important part of dish, you'll be making something else. But just leaving the cream out gives you a nice cucumber salad on its own.
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