What are some top-notch flavor pairings for mustard greens?

Creative recipe suggestions please!



Maedl May 24, 2013
Wash and coarsely slice the mustard greens. Saute onions, garlic, diced bacon, and pepperocini til the onions are soft and fragrant. Add a bit of salt and pepper. Add greens, and a bit more salt and pepper. Cook until the greens are tender, but don't overcook until they get mushy. Serve over cooked pasta or polenta and top with plenty of Parmesan.
WileyP May 24, 2013
Cook the greens with smoked ham hocks and/or smoked bacon, onions, garlic and a few dashes of hot pepper sauce. Pair them with a Cajun or creole pork roast and sweet corn bread. Strawberry shortcake or ice cream for dessert. And even though it's been two years since you posted this, don't forget to let me know what time to be there for the next batch!
sara D. May 24, 2013
Tjis is delicious and unusual: lamb and thin sliced ribbons of kale and/or collards braised in coconut milk with turmeric, ginger, garlic, and minced fresh red pepper (hot peppers- like a fresno/red jalapeño). Use fresh ginger and tumeric if you can. Cook low heat, simmering for a long time till lamb is very tender but not falling apart,and greens are silken. serve with fresh cilantro and lime wedges over steamed jasmine rice. This does not look very pretty, but it is yummy yummy yummy.
Emilia R. May 22, 2013
In Brazil they sauté VERY thinly sliced kale (my Grandmother was a pro at that) in bacon fat (with bacon bits in it). We serve it with black beans (cooked with smoked pork ribs and sausages, yum!) and white rice and some meat and a salad. Everyday meal in Brazil.
Sam1148 August 15, 2011
Black eyed peas..."hoppin john" which are black eyed peas cooked with pork and served over rice. Get the frozen ones, or 'cow peas' with green beans in the mix.

Serve simple hot pepper sauce; either one bottled or make your own by simmering white vinegar and hot peppers together. (well, that's a short cut really).
You should be able to find pepper sauce..it's peppers packed in vinegar in a shaker top bottle. Great with greens and the peas. The pepper sauce vinegar is a must IMHO.
Serve on the side as it can be very hot.

A ham steak, glazed as mentioned; or pork chop for the main meat course with 'red eye gravy', mashed potatoes, or fried orka. Along with cornbread..serve the greens in bowls with the juice--the pot likker, so you can sop that up with the cornbread.
natanya August 15, 2011
I tend to think of more rustic dishes when I thin of mustard greens but maybe that's because it's how my grandmother always served them. Cornbread is a great parter for them so maybe to be a little different you could serve them with creamy polenta. Pork is a great friend to mustard greens as everyone has mentioned here, so maybe serve them with a roast pork loin with roasted apples and onions?
Emilia R. May 22, 2013
(Nothing to do with the question: what a beautiful picture, natanya!)
sdebrango August 15, 2011
Sorry misunderstood the question my Mother cooked slab bacon in the mustard greens. Staying on the pork theme, pork any cut is fantastic with them. A glazed ham is delicious with mustard greens.
aargersi August 15, 2011
Anything that comes off a pig - smoked parts even better. Hot sauce. Lots of garlic and onion. Vinegar. If you are trying for vegetarian then tamari, onions, garlic, vinegar. I usually add a little stock of some sort to steam them as well ... good luck! Love those greens!!!!
sdebrango August 15, 2011
My mother always made mustard greens with slab bacon. It was delicious.
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