A question about a recipe: Summer Corn Pudding

I have a question about the ingredient "all-purpose flour" on the recipe "Summer Corn Pudding" from Lizthechef.

Greetings, LtC! About to make this seductive corn custard, but I am worried about adding the flour straight in the mix without a quick saute in the butter/green onion mix. Echoes of Julia on flour roux: "Cook until it loses its floury taste"...

I'm sure you'd have specked this if you meant it, but is it a trouble?

  • Posted by: marynn
  • August 16, 2011
Summer Corn Pudding
Recipe question for: Summer Corn Pudding


Lizthechef August 16, 2011
I understand the cheese urge - married to a Wisconsin "Cheesehead" ;)
marynn August 16, 2011
Thank you for the brisk response! I trusted you and made it your way. You clearly seem to know what you are doing and then some. : D Added a bit of espelette pepper and resisted my Minnesotan urge to add more cheese...
Lizthechef August 16, 2011
It has not been a problem for me - just whisk it into the custard.
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